• Optimized Combat Levels. The game now theoretically runs 3X more efficient so your batteries can relax a little more.

  • Selecting enemies now show effective elemental damages

  • Daily Loot Shop

  • Daily shop items can now be refreshed


  • Daily cards cost increased overall to adjust to new economy of freebies

  • Epic Daily Cards now require Hex Crystals

  • Super Potato now costs 100 Medals to unlock

  • Clearing all levels in a chapter with 3 stars now give more crystals

  • Clearing all levels in a chapter with 3 stars will now award both Medals and Crystals

  • Next level can now be played right after completing a level (Not available while in tutorial)

  • Daily Rewards now give higher value items

  • All characters now require only 5 Cards to unlock

  • Rebalanced Enigmatron Rewards

  • Free coin ads now refresh faster

  • Increased Daily Task Crystal Reward 20 -> 25

  • Rebalanced hero -> medal conversion

  • Daily reward, mission reward, level reward and task rewards can be doubled by watching ads