• Chapter 11: Feline Felons
• Chapter 12: Quarantine Zone


• AttackCursor: Pushed higher and resized smaller
• Domination: Removed Gem Cap Bonus
• DailyRewards: Increased daily rewards Crystal and Coin quantities (requires calendar regeneration on day 16 to refresh)
• ShiftyBlock: Value no longer reduces during enemy turn
• ShiftyBlock: Minimum spawn changed from 1 > 2
• ShiftyBlock: Slower devaluation rate
• Layout: Moved Domination access to top and center
• Tech: All bonus resistances are now 50%
• Tech: T2 Boom now gives +3 Attack Damage
• Tech: T1 Life now gives +300 HP
• Event: Event Bonuses now affect elemental bonuses


• Language: Fixed some Chinese translations


• Lucy: Ability "Supercharger" decreased
• VirtuOS: Super "Shockwave" increased, Ability "Superhero" decreased
• Aura: Fixed an issue with Cryo Damage appearing higher than intended