New Features

• New Language: Chinese (Simplified)
• New Language: French
• New Language: Russian
• New Enemies: Psycatix
• New Enemies: Macrobes
• New Enemy: Invader Zee
• New Block: Introducing Gooey Blocks! Watch out! They completely absorb hero shots.
• New Status: Attack Up & Attack Down
• New Status: Defense Up & Defense Down
• Domination: New Max HP Up Item
• Domination: Shifty Blocks only spawn once per wave
• Domination: Shifty Blocks now have 100 points each but decreases by 10% every turn
• Domination: New ranking positions


• Panic: Now lasts only 1 turn
• Rebalanced First Win Rewards
• Wave Transition: Sped up animation
• Tech: Select has been changed to Equip


• StatusEffect: Revamped Status Effect counters behind the scenes. Decay will now only take effect after actions. 
• Retronauts: Improved resolution


• Artifacts: PodBank offer now disappears after unlock
• RewardCard: Fixed warped cards and quantity labels
• DailyRewards: Fixed notification bug
• Tutorial: Various tutorial-breaking fixes


• Ziggee: New hero. Locked until debut event
• VirtuOS: HP increased


• Cerebelle: HP decreased, Damage increased


• Shifty Coin Blocks: HP set to 10 hits, persists between turns.


• Players can now level up to Level 30
• Player Level Up no longer gives free Energy
• Player Level Up now gives more Hex Coin and Crystals