• Credits: Updated Special Thanks list
  • AdReward: Increased from 500-800 to 800-1500
  • Enigmatron: Legendary card quantity increased from 3-15 to 5-18
  • DailyTask: Crystal Reward increased from 15 to 20



  • Feedback Mailer: Now includes more vitals
  • Dominance: Now carries over score from guest account to new KTPlay account
  • Artifacts: Now has an additional prompt for upgrading
  • Event: Periodic state fetching on main menu for players who linger



  • 1337 Hack: Fixed issue whereby multi-targeting supers will freeze in Domination when used on a block while there are no more enemies
  • Boss Panic: Fixed bug whereby bosses freeze the game when using multi-target skills while in panic mode
  • Domination: Prevent players from retrying Domination after end date & time
  • Tutorial: Fixed mission deployment bug
  • LeaderboardEntry: Fixed name overlap
  • Translation: Fixed Japanese translation issues