New Features

  • Enigmatron: Added a daily random mystery box! What will you get today? (Free 50,000 Hex Coins for players who log in before 25th August)
  • Blocks: Added new Star Prism Block


  • Pods: Reduced shot angle limit by 2.2 degrees
  • Domination: Now runs concurrently with featurettes
  • Rebalanced Heroes & Enemies


  • Domination: Added tutorial
  • Domination: Shifty blocks now spawn on first round
  • BoomBlock: Optimized on Android
  • Boss Spawn: Optimized on Android


  • Pods: Restandardized shot offsets
  • Chest: Fixed popping animation
  • Stamina: Fixed 20 cap stamina bug


  • Buddy: "Rocket Swarm" Super Value increased
  • Chloe: Damage and "Battle Theme" Ability Value decreased
  • Sparky: "Heal" Super Value increased.
  • Cluck: HP decreased
  • Shade: Cryo Damage  and "Scanner" Super Value increased, Defense and "Partner" Ability Value decreased
  • Scratch: HP, Damage and "Heal" Super Value increased, "Supplier" Ability Value decreased
  • Flubbs: HP and Acid Damage increased.
  • Kurt: Now requires Dangerous Stuff to rank up


  • Bosses: Oculord, R4D4R, Nomner Hive and Menacing Head have been tweaked
  • Glazed Braaains: Nomner Hive now does "Decay" Super
  • Terrors Unleashed: Menacing Heads shots increased to 12


  • Missions: Names and Descriptions have been fixed. Again.


  • Domination: Extra Shot and Clear Block initial costs increased to 200
  • Domination: Colored Blocks now scale slower, up to 2000HP
  • Domination: Tech Blocks now scale slower, up to 500HP
  • Domination: Shifty Coin Blocks now scale slower, up to 200HP
  • Domination: Bosses now scale slower, up to Level 200


  • Medal Conversions: Legendary Cards now give 25 Medals from 20.