• Sbammuz Star: Featuring a brand new artifact! Chance of spawning double plasma shots!
• Event: Added support files for next event


• Coin Shop: Rebalanced coin costs
• Daily Task Crystals: Increased from 5 > 15
• Revive Cost: Increased from 20 > 30
• Main Menu: Rearranged buttons
• Buttons: No longer have idle jelly animation for better optimization


• Credits: Updated credits to thank some of you awesome testers!
• Loading: Added notification if playing offline or bad connection
• Crystal Shop: Crystals now sparkle. Wow. So shiny.
• Mailbox: Now shows empty label when there's nothing in it
• Explosions: Now more wispy!
• Reward: Sped up reward animation
• QuickLoot: Even quicker. Quicker than ever!
• Missions: Results routine is now shown twice as fast
• UI: Improved resolution and optimized rendering


• Purchase Menu: Fixed purchaser not showing correct amount for maxed heroes
• Artifact Upgrade: Fixed medal upgrade bug
• Stamina: Fixed bug where it would reset to cap on gain when more than 20


• Kurt: Increased HP, Damage, Shots and Ability Marksman.
• Bubbles: Fixed bubbles aim


• Difficulty adjustments in Chapter 10
• Cultists now take weakness damage like other enemies


• Chapter 10 Episode 25 now gives a couple of Kurt cards
• Chapter 1 Episode 5 is now easier
• Chapter 2 Episode 6 is now easier
• Chapter 3 has less Oculoids


• Missions now have lower Base Success Rates
• Mission Starship Poopers now gives more Coin and EXP
• Mission Matrices now gives 15 Glowy Stuff and more Coin instead of Silver Stuff
• Mission Metropolice now gives 15 Shiny Stuff and more Coin instead of Gold Stuff


• Blocks can go up to 200 HP, instead of 100HP, in Domination Mode.