• Language: Added full localization support for Japanese and Korean
  • Settings: Added a link to the WarPods Facebook page


  • Domination: Now has shot damage cap
  • Domination: Extra shots cost more
  • Domination: Block cascade skips turn on purchasing item
  • Domination: Status items now have 100% hit chance unless target is immune
  • Domination: Limited Extra Shots to only 2
  • Missions: Difficulty now scales with player level
  • HeroCard: Now shows medal instead of arrows when claimable
  • HeroCard: Enlarged stats and assign button


  • StatusEffect: Now shows immune pop up if enemies have 100% resistance
  • HeroStats: Power label now shows elemental bonus
  • LevelUp: Changed hero level up to be a lot faster
  • Domination: Optimized memory pools


  • BigShot: Fixed crash on firing a neutral block when all enemies are destroyed


  • Chloe: 'Battle Theme' Ability value is decreased
  • Boaris: HP increased
  • Steambot: Burn damage increased
  • Scorch: Damage decreased, Burn damage increased


  • Retronaut Attack: Ghosts have been tweaked slightly
  • Retronaut Attack: Kilo Pews do Acid damage
  • The Thinkerer: Magma Bots have slightly increased damage
  • The Thinkerer: Ice Caps have slightly increased damage
  • Glazed Braaains: Nomner Driller has decreased damage in earlier levels
  • Clunkers of Evil: R4D4R has decreased damage in earlier levels
  • Clunkers of Evil: R1ngers do Shock damage


  • Glazed Braaains: Episodes 10, 11, and 12 are slightly easier
  • Clunkers of Evil: Episode 5 is slightly easier


  • Domination: Colored Blocks, Tech Blocks and Shifty Blocks scale more quickly in higher danger levels.