• Account: Additional Login Options
  • Account: Device now bound to account


  • AssignHero: Changed hero assignment method to be more streamlined
  • Purchaser: Bulk purchasing button can now be held down


  • RewardCard: Fixed sometimes minified quantities


  • Bubbles: Less HP, Less Defense
  • Scratch: Less HP
  • Steambot: Increased Defense, Replaced Acid Resistance with Decay Resistance, Replaced Acidproof Ability with Maintenance Ability, Increased Maintenance Ability value.
  • Flubbs: Replaced Maintenance Ability with Acidproof Ability


  • Scavengers: Boomy has less HP in early levels
  • Ocultists: DoomGaze has less HP in early levels
  • Clunkers: R4D4R does less damage in early levels
  • Negasaurs: Draconeon is less resistant to everything on Hard


  • Scavenger Danger:  Episode 5 is easier
  • Military Madness: Episode 7 and 8 is easier
  • Stunning Sights: Episode 3 is easier
  • Clunkers of Evil: Episode 5 is easier
  • Retronaut Attack: Episodes 17, 18, and 19 Ghosts now appear at the correct levels


  • Artifacts: Super Potato gives slightly less HP
  • Artifacts: Infinite Probability Machine activates more often
  • Artifacts: Sbammuz Star activates less often
  • Player Levels: Rewards have been changed significantly