• Blaze Of Fury: Added dialog support for new event


  • Account: Fixed server verification bugs
  • TimeZones: Events now convert UTC to local time
  • Effective Damage Counter: Made effect more obvious
  • Leaderboard Countdown: Now says Event Ended when time remaining is less than 0
  • Special Event: Featurette events now have countdown timers
  • IAP: Mailbox Button badge now updates on IAP purchase 
  • DailyTask: "Get Damage" is now "Deal Damage"
  • Event Level: Now includes non-story challenge levels
  • DailyTask: Using event stamina counts to daily task


  • Event Stamina: Fixed stamina not consuming on first play


  • Fury now needs Dangerous Stuff to Rank Up at Level 40
  • Fury: Increased Burn Resistance and Rocket Swarm Super value
  • Fury: Decreased Defense and Looter Ability value, Removed Hack Resistance