• FeedbackMailer: Can now be invoked by holding down 3 fingers for 3 seconds (For Emergencies). Slowly hold down one finger at a time for Android


  • Shop: Rebalanced coin amount
  • KTPlay: Updated to 4.4 for age verification


  • FeedbackMailer: Now includes KTPlay account name for faster support
  • Leaderboard: Now always loads top 100 with player focused
  • Mailbox: Now checks mail properly


  • Notification: Fixed interaction issue with notifications
  • CombatMask: Fixed offsets
  • Super: Fixed double super on end game previously progressing game twice


  • New Hero: Shade
  • Flubbs now requires Slimy Stuff to rank up beyond Level 40
  • All Epic and Legendary WarPods no longer require Silver or Gold Stuff to rank up


  • Stat Reworks: Military Madness's Burn Troopers
  • Stat Reworks: Military Madness's Helly
  • Stat Reworks: Military Madness's Peekaboom
  • Stat Reworks: The Thinkerer's Magma Bots
  • Stat Reworks: The Thinkerer's Hot Head
  • Elemental Weaknesses: Increased weaknesses of most enemies