• New Hero: Shade joins the WarPods team. Officially available on 21/06/2018 12:00:00 UTC
  • Artifacts: Medals can now be traded for legendary artifacts
  • Domination: Enemies now spawn in randomized sets rather than repeat
  • Hero Cards: Added a way to exchange excess cards for medals
  • Tech Passive Bonus: All techs now have additional passive bonuses
  • Push Notifications: Now we can send you helpful messages!
  • WarPods: Can now be tapped in combat for stats again


  • Distortion Effect: Shortened effect time
  • Maxed Hero Bar: Now continues to show progress
  • Corners: Slightly rounded the combat scene corner colliders


  • Main Menu: Improved scrolling fluidity
  • Loot: Increased icon resolutions
  • Event Outro: Fixed preloading outro poster
  • Hero Card: Increased resolution


  • Elemental Weakness: Red Enemies take more damage from Cryo damage!
  • Elemental Weakness: Blue Enemies take more damage from Burn damage!
  • Elemental Weakness: Green Enemies take more damage from Shock damage!
  • Elemental Weakness: Yellow Enemies take more damage from Acid damage!
  • DominationConversion: MegaPew
  • DominationConversion: Big Heads
  • DominationConversion: Menacing Heads


  • Missions that give Gold or Silver Stuff now give more of them


  • Techs now have passive abilities
  • Boom Tech and Life Tech do less explosive damage and healing
  • Tier 5 Techs have been removed from the game