• Domination Shop: Shifty will now help sell you combat boosters
  • Quick Draw: Hero announcer now tappable to engage targeting faster
  • New Super: Pandemic
  • New Super: Chaos
  • New Super: Time Break
  • Dominance: Cheaters gain special member's access to the kiddie pool


  • Shot Vaporizer: Option now appears earlier
  • Shot Vaporizer: Changed layout position
  • Total Damage Pop Up: Changed layout position


  • Enemy Shots: Now travel faster
  • Combat: Less delays in various areas
  • Special Blocks: New Icons
  • Shots: Effective shot damages are now yellow in color
  • Hack: Animation has been sped up


  • Post Event: Fixed post event shop
  • Combat: Fixed camera view for old devices with 2:3 aspect ratio


  • Chloe: Nerfed 'Battle Theme' ability
  • Scratch: Nerfed 'Supplier' ability
  • Aura: Massively buffed, improved stat scaling
  • VirtuOS: Massively buffed, improved stat scaling
  • Quad: Massively buffed, improved stat scaling. New Super '1337 Hack'
  • Flubbs: Massively buffed, improved stat scaling
  • Kurt: Massively buffed, improved stat scaling


  • Enemies have streamlined damage types
  • EndlessConversion: Cultist Bosses


  • Tech Upgrade Cost decreased from Spiky Stuff onwards