• Privacy Policy: Added an exciting new button about legal stuff you will definitely enjoy reading about
  • How To Play: Button now guides players to a guide post
  • Android Quit Prompt: Game can now quit with back button from Main Hub
  • Combat: Added a speed up button to go faster than lightspeed
  • Combat: Generally faster now. All wait times have been reduced!


  • VirtuOS: Updated character portrait and card


  • Main Hub: Increased swiping threshold to prevent accidental menu change
  • Hero Sorting: Added Quantity and Rarity sorting
  • Distortion Effects: Distortions are disabled if user's device FPS drops below 25
  • Feedback Mailer: Now asks for specific feedback


  • Event Menu: Now shows correct icon for stamina
  • Defeat Page: Now shows correct icon for stamina
  • Reward Cards: Now shows MAXED if full level
  • Dialog: Removed hardcoded text size
  • Cloud Save Button: Swapped translation


  • Tech Hex Coin Costs Rebalanced: Tier 1 is cheaper, Tier 3-5 is more expensive


  • Modified dialogue text sizes for more comfortable viewing