• Daily Tasks


  • Episode Reward: Rewards now randomize every play
  • IAP: In-app purchases are now sent to mailbox instead
  • Daily Cards: Changed to midnight local time
  • Daily Rewards: Shows card rarity
  • Daily Rewards: Rebalanced amount of cards received from Daily Rewards
  • Daily Rewards: Now features a guaranteed Epic card on day 16
  • Chests: Rebalanced costs and amount
  • Reward Chest: Sped up animation


  • Tech Inspector: Revamped Tech UI
  • IAP Receipt Obfuscation
  • IAP Receipt Validation
  • Added Player Statistics For Cloud Config
  • Chapter Scroller: Now remembers last position
  • Episode Scroller: Now remembers last position
  • Rewards: Made the whole screen a button. No need to reach up for the chest anymore!
  • Intro: Added music and sound effects to complete the intro sequence
  • Event: Added ability to access leaderboards and shop post event
  • Event: Added update notification if app version requirement not met
  • Shop: Added support for special offers
  • Android Back Button: Added support for Android's magical back button
  • Hero: Stats and cards now show maxed visuals accordingly
  • Hero Card Shop: Purchase quantities now show a preview of level progression
  • Mission Notifier: Improved sprite graphics
  • Tech Card: Improved sprite graphics
  • Tech Card Selection: Improved border resolutions
  • Tutorial: Added highlight tag to make spotlights clearer
  • Tutorial: Added drag and drop animation to hero assignment tutorial
  • Event: Added support for event intro and ending interstitials
  • Victory: Increased star gain animation speed
  • Victory: Added sound effects for gaining stars
  • Mission: Speed up cost now adjusts based on time remaining


  • Victory Page: Fixed Hard star offset
  • Daily Rewards: Fixed quantity labels not showing on calendar refresh
  • Stamina: Fixed stamina leftover bug
  • Special Stamina: Fixed special stamina not accumulating properly
  • Endless Mode: Fixed enemies not respawning if playing with only one pod
  • Leaderboard: Fixed timer not counting down on end game result
  • Lucy: Fixed back of pod not dimming
  • Junk Television: Fixed flash feedback
  • Golden Pyramid: Fixed spawn sound not playing
  • PlayFab Statistics: Fixed login checks
  • Mission Results: Fixed results not appearing on iPhone X
  • Resource UI: Now Hidden on splashscreen 
  • Mission Notice UI: Hidden by default
  • Notice renderer: Fixed display on 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Tech: Fixed upgrade effects


  • Update Rank Up Loot Requirements
  • Buddy Nerf: Less resistances
  • Chloe buff: Add a resistance, super value
  • Sparky Nerf: Less Super value, HP
  • Boaris buff: more defense
  • Bubbles slight rework: Less defense, more damage, more super value
  • Scratch: higher ability
  • Hurg nerf: Less HP
  • Fury Buff in power and resistances
  • Aura Rework: Shift power to less Cryo, more Power, less Defense, more Cryo Resist
  • Quad buff
  • Flubbs buff: More acid
  • Kurt buff: More power


  • EndlessConversion: Remaining Scavengers
  • MenacingStouts less defense
  • MenacingMoai more often Panic attacks
  • PewPews buffed damage
  • Ghosts nerfed damage


  • Episodes have higher HP blocks


  • Splash Damage nerf


  • Blocks, Tech Blocks Endless Rework