• Mailbox: Added a mailbox for players to receive rewards from events and us!
  • Endless Mode: Added a new endless event game mode
  • Leaderboard: Added leaderboard for the new event
  • Prize Table Menu: Added a prize table detailing event prizes


  • Menu Swipe: Increased threshold to 10
  • Credits: Names updated
  • BigShot: Changed sprite and effects
  • Decay: Changed effects


  • BrainFreeze: Fixed spawning sound effect
  • KTPlay: Fixed destructive logout
  • SpawnManager: Added support for multiple special blocks
  • Endless: Fixed endless respawning at turn 0 if all enemies are cleared
  • Hero Stats Page: Fixed stats text overflow
  • Player Targeting Cursor: Fixed random shrinkage 
  • Max Tech Button: Fixed glow issue
  • Mission Results: Flag now updates the proper sprite
  • Nomner Hive: Added boss spawn effect
  • Nomner Queen: Fixed attack spawn point
  • Flubbs: Fixed back arm sprite sorting


  • Victory Page: Added Easy, Normal and Hard label on stars
  • Event: Added check on menu load
  • Busy Loader: Changed animation to ignore time scale
  • Super Icons: Improved resolution
  • Deeplink: Update message from Karen now directs players to relevant platform store page
  • KTPlay: Updated to 4.3.2
  • Targeting: Added check and prompt for target validity
  • Event: Special Events now use a special battery / stamina


  • Scavengers: Shotty do less damage in early chapters, and more damage in later chapters.

    The Thinkerer: Burn Droids and Cryo Droids do less damage.

    Golden Gauntlet: BrainFreeze and HotHead do less damage.


  • Loot required to for final Hero Rank Ups have been updated.
  • Chloe: Damage increased from 2-14 to 3-14, Shock increased from 0-2 to 1-5, Shock Resistance increased from 2-10 to 3-15.
  • Sparky: Burn Resistance removed.
  • Boaris: Replaced Big Shot super with Rocket Swarm super. Damage increased from 2-11 to 3-14, Stasis Resistance increased from 0 to 5-25, Hack Resistance increased from 0 to 5-25.
  • Cluck: Burn Resistance increased from 0 to 2-10, Cryo Resistance increased from 0 to 2-10.
  • Steambot: Cryo Resistance removed.
  • Scratch: Defense increased from 1-3 to 1-4, Acid Resistance increased from 1-10 to 6-40, Decay Resistance increased from 3-20 to 6-40.
  • Scorch: Defense decreased from 2-12 to 1-11.
  • Hurg: Cryo Resistance increased from 0 to 2-15, Shock Resistance increased from 0 to 2-15, Acid Resistance increased from 0 to 3-20.
  • Fury: Burn Resistance increased from 0 to 3-20, Panic Resistance increased from 0 to 6-40, Hack Resistance increased from 0 to 6-40.
  • VirtuOS: Shock Resistance decreased from 6-50 to 3-25.
  • Quad: Shock Resistance increased from 0 to 3-30, Hack super value increased from 35-283 to 50-405.
  • Kurt: Burn Resistance increased from 0 to 3-30.


  • Made all episodes that give Loot always give 2 of their Loot.
  • Glazed Brains Episode 3: Added missing yellow blocks in Wave 2 and 3
  • Golden Gauntlet Episode 13 improved and made slightly easier.
  • Golden Gaunlet Episode 14 replaced Nomner Queen with Impaler and Driller.


  • The mission Mad Maximus now gives 6 Sticky Stuff instead of 5 when successful.


  • Plasma Tech Power imbalances fixed and increased from 1-103 to 1-118.


  • All Blocks, including coloured blocks and tech blocks, have reworked levels under the hood.
  • Added a small tutorial talking about Stars and Replaying Episodes at the end of Military Madness.