• BigBossMode: Added support for new event mode. Join forces with other players to collectively take out special bosses and unlock tiered rewards together!


• DailyRewards: Rebalanced amount


• FeedbackMailer: Now shows Player ID on the prompt
• Elemental: Buffs and debuffs will only last 3 rounds


• Vicky: Fixed Super not hitting all enemies if one of the enemies in the list dies during • the entire sequence


• Vicky: HP, Defense, Damage and Decay Resistance increased. Removed Panic Resistance
• Kurt: Burn Resistance, Stasis Resistance, Panic Resistance and Hack Resistance increased
• Ziggee: Shock Resistance, Stasis Resistance, Decay Resistance, Panic Resistance and Hack Resistance increased
• Quad: Removed Panic Resistance
• VirtuOS: Increased "Superhero" Ability value
• Fury: Damage increased
• Hurg: Added Burn damage and Panic Resistance, Removed Stasis Resistance, Increased "Big Shot" Super value, Decreased Normal Damage