• Events: Support for First Win reward for premium bonuses!
• HeroStats: Unlocked cards can now preview max levels


• Ziggee: Added trails to shots.
• Ziggee: Super no longer generates energy.
• Stamina: Stamina refill cost now counted per unit instead of by batches


• Ziggee: Can now activate super even without enemies present
• PodBank: Now permanently auto-equipped


• Domination: Removed buggy Play button from leaderboard during Combat Level
• ShiftyBlock: Fixed bug whereby hacked blocks remains hacked on respawn
• BeamBlock: Fixed bug whereby player turns are skipped on using super on beam block
• Shifty: Fixed bug whereby bottom panel buttons are locked out after using super on beam block
• Super: Added delay to super panel reactivation upon purchasing Shifty items to prevent super spamming. This caused a pod turn to skip.