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A trusty soldier of the United Systems, Buddy believes in peace and ultimately wants to stop the Negasaur Empire from taking over his home, the Galactic Center. His mentor and best friend, Ace the Elite Soldier was lost in the Negasaur attack, leaving Buddy on a mission to save the Galaxy.


A hopeful pop-star who ended up a United Systems soldier, Chloe longs for the spotlight. With her WarPod skills and her singing, she wishes to spread her cheerful songs, especially during this time of war and destruction. Her most popular hits include 'Nevar Fear Nega', 'WarPeas', and award-winning 'Shockwave, Yeah!'.


A hot-tempered animate appliance, Sparky was one of many robots created by the mad (and dead) inventor, Cortex. After the death of his Creator, Sparky and his fellow robots were sold to many parts of the Galaxy. Sparky ended up with a WarPod soldier, and learned to pilot one himself.


An avid explorer, armed with a his trusty WarPod turned caravan and a thirst for knowledge, Cluck has wandered around the Galaxy, finding uncharted planets and making friends along the way. His agreeable 'go-with-the-flow' attitude makes him one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet!


Growing up with a no-nonsense attitude earned Boaris the title 'Boaris the Bore' among his acquaintances. He, however, learned the adventurous joys of flying when he became a pilot. It wasn't long until he completed many rescue missions, saving countless lives. He still has a tendency to spout dry jokes, though.


Living in a fish bowl under his overprotective parents made Bubbles curious about the outside world. Inspired by the hit pirate TV-show 'The Plunderers', Bubbles ran away and has been living the pirate life with Hurg the Captain ever since. He still sends seaweed cake to his parents every year.


Before his death, Shade was an unknown rookie detective struggling to make ends meet. Work became hard to find in a war-torn galaxy. On his first big case, he had to track the Burning Murderer down. He ended up dying at their hands, waking up days later after an experiment revived him with almost no memory of his old self.


Magma Agent 665 was a worker from the lava planet Ignus. Built to withstand extreme heat, it was tasked to collect precious metals for WarPod manufacturing. After the destruction of Ignus at the hands of a rogue scientist, it was saved by WarPods and was renamed Scorch, for its burning desire to avenge Ignus.


Hurg was a notorious Pirate Captain who terrorized parts of the Galaxy for as long as he had a beard, which he never cut. His heart grew warm, however, when he fell in love with a United Systems WarPod his crew was plundering. Witnessing their Captain grow soft, his crew mutinied. Together with his most loyal crewmember, Bubbles, Hurg escaped his crew and became a WarPod himself.


Long ago, Steambot was created by the mad inventor Cortex when all machinations were powered by Steam Technology. When Steam Tech was replaced by the superior Hex Tech, Steambot was discarded. This sad machine now tries his hardest to prove he can function just as well as today's WarPods.


Lucy was the perfect daughter of a United Systems general. Brought up with the best military training in the Galaxy, however, did not prepare her for her first real battle against the Negasaurs. She saw first-hand the suffering brought by war, and defected as a soldier to instead become a protective healer under the training of Dr Scratch.


No one talks about Lucy's less than perfect little sister, Fury. Loud and lively, Fury could never agree with rules, which was all she got from her father, a United Systems general. Living under the shadow of her older sister eventually got to her, and she ran away with a group of renegades to become a war-loving berserker.


Ex-military doctor of the United Systems, Dr. Scratch retired from the war after he was injured in battle. The trauma of war affected Scratch severely, making him incredibly paranoid and always finding new ways to dispatch enemies with his WarPod.


Hailing from the Planet of Gems, Duane is a crystalline creature that is formidable being 1000 times more dense than diamond!
This allowed him to be appointed as the Guardian of his people and has led him to be a part of WarPods as well.

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Since birth, Princess Twins Aura and Aria were identical in every way. Aura, however, became incredibly frustrated with how they are treated like a set in the Royal Court. She underwent cybernetic surgery to become different but in the process, became more Machine than Puff, with a heart of cold ice.


Flubbs might be friendly, and look cuddly, but beware as hugging Flubbs will corrode and melt you! Born on a world of acid, the master shape-shifter Flubbs cannot talk and instead changes her form to communicate with others.


 The first ever Hex creation of the mad inventor, Cortex, VirtuOS was the prototype of robotic soldiers meant to replace Puffs on the battlefield. VirtuOS, however, was programmed with self-awareness and developed a hatred for war, abandoning the war to disappear into uncharted space. 


While robots are already self-aware, the cheerful MiDi is the first robot to naturally process and convey emotion. With her existence, robots take a step closer to becoming more like Puffs as the world enters a new age of technology: Digitech.


A condemned demon born from the narrows between dimensions. Duke was cast out from his brood at birth. It wasn’t long until he reclaimed his birthright and began tearing through the multiverse with his fiery rage. When stars cower dimly by the scorching brightness of his pod, you will know that The Burning Nightmare is here.


The lone celestial Kurt is shrouded in mystery. All know him as a legendary sharpshooter, with the fastest draws of the Galaxy. Stories say he wanders around the Galaxy, occassionaly lending a hand to innocents in trouble and punishing those who defy the law. One thing's for sure: he never misses.


With four arms, Quaddro has always been a master at multitasking. He also got bored a lot. He earned himself the name Mr. Galaxy Hacker for hacking the broadcast facilities of nearly half the systems in the Galaxy, and broadcasted a live stream of him hacking while lifting weights. While the event earned him a reputation, it also came with a lot of enemies.


From deep within the Ruin Cluster, stories tell of a woman in love. Her heart was shattered when she saw her lover with another, and she ran into the darkness of the mythical shadow moon. There, she was twisted and devoured by evil creatures, and what remained was the twisted monster who ate anyone in love.


Ziggee was always in the spotlight. She started out as a child actress in many GalaxyNet commercials before discovering her passion for music in her teens. During her rise to stardom, she joined the WarPods to boost her image. She proved to be one of the greatest fighters in the Galaxy, further cementing herself as the Goddess of Rock.


A deranged, time-travelling, cyborg dog. The legends entitled him The Beyonder. A WarPod capable of blinking in and out of existence in nanoseconds and leaving only devastation in his wake. A paradoxical event in the past had left most of his abilities enfeebled, leaving him trapped in one linear timeline. Lost, stranded, alone and driven to psychosis, Zemo now has a single-minded purpose - Destroy the WarPod pilot, Buddy.